About Me

Just a little about me, My name is Karen and I'm a Mum of 2 kids, 1 little boy named Thomas who is Autistic and my daughter is Taylor. As I was going through testing with my son, I didn't know much about Autism but I made myself do alot of research and found a wonderful group named SWAN - South West Autism Network. With their help and wonderful support, I made alot of friends and found out that I wanted to do more for Autism Awareness. So I found a couple of Suppliers and with the support of my Husband, I started my business.

I started my first Market in July 2012 and I will keep going as long as I can. I go to Markets from North Perth all the way down to Augusta and of course alot of places in the middle. I do online Selling, Markets, Festivals, Fairs, or anything I can do. I am happy to do a Home open if you want to see anything during the week, or even if you want to get a few friends around, I am happy to come to you too, and also happy to go to your school and show people and talk about Autism, as much as I know anyway as I am still learning.

At these places I am always talking about my son and I try my best to give out the information that I have collected and what I have heard in stories to help other people and if I don't know it, I ask friends and support agencies to find out what they need to know.

Autism is something you don't hide behind or close it in the back room, anymore. Its something part of the world, now days and with help from some special groups and associations we can survive in the world.

Thomas, my son, we couldn't do anything like go into shopping Centres, walking down the road, anything with loud noises or even rain and wind, we couldn't leave the walk in robe. He has come along way since getting diagnose in July 2012, and getting him into a Early Intervention Program and seeing specialist too. Now we can walk into shopping Centres, or even walk into people's homes without any screaming, fingers crossed it stays this way.

This is why I wanted to get it out there, its not bad parenting. The kids or Adults have something wrong in their brains and it doesn't form properly. This is why we have Autism.

Normally I have a computer with information running at the markets running through the album "Information about Autism plus Autism Pictures too", at the moment its playing up on me so I don't have it with me Its only found online but I am always adding to it as people send me pictures or some I found on the net.

I am based in Mandurah, Western Australia, Pick up Locally is available or find me at Markets (I also advertise where I am heading to) or I can post anywhere in Australia for a small fee. I try to keep postage as low as possible. Again Thank you so much for liking my page, please Share around and like posts or photos, as only 10% off Likes see all my posts. I am still looking for more and more items I can get in :)

Enjoy Shopping and getting information about Autism :)