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Karen's Autism And Kidz Items

Autism Awareness, Resources, Sensory, Therapy and Character Kids Items 

Thanks for visiting!

Karen's Autism And Kidz Items offer a selection of Autism Awareness Items for getting some awareness out there by wearing some beautiful items, also having some resources to help kids like No tie shoe laces, Protect Shower Caps, and Chewelry Items.

Please stop by as much as you can and if you check out my Events Tab, you will be see where I am going to be :) 

If you are looking for something and can't see it or find it, please send me a message, I will do my very best to find it for you. :) Also I am happy to travel anywhere from North of Perth to Augusta and all places in between. If you know of a School Fete's, Town or City Fair's, Festival's or Shows please Send me a Message and I will look into it. Thanks :)

Also if you click on Autism Awareness tab or the Photos Gallery, you can find some useful pictures or websites that you can use for Support or find out what Autism is.